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Arr-Systems Oy was founded in February 2008.

We started operations as a manufacturer of wiring harnesses, cables, and electrical assemblies. In 2017, with the acquisition of Eleplus Oy, our production was expanded to include automation and electric switchgear.

Arr-Systems Oy currently employs approximately 30 people. Our goal is rapid growth for business. These plans require purposeful work to achieve our overall objectives. We develop our partnership networks. We search for new, cost-efficient and reliable component suppliers. Wiring harnesses and cabinets are manufactured based on strong know-how of logistics and design as well as the employment of advanced production technology.

We take care of your productivity. This is why we always ensure ease of installation of our delivered products straight from the get-go.

Currently, we have modern facilities in use in the Jääli district of Oulu. The size of our facility is 2900 m2.

Arr-Systems as partner

Individual solutions

We implement our design projects on a turnkey basis and each project is individually defined and custom dimensioned for the customer. Our design projects are always fully confidential.

Solutions for demanding requirements

We also manufacture products for the most demanding environments. We have experience, for example, in creating wiring harnesses for pile-driving rigs, which must be well protected, waterproof, and equipped with highly-resistant joints. We are also accustomed to producing complex wiring harnesses, such as the long and multi-branched harnesses required by rail vehicles and carriages.

High quality materials and a global delivery network

We acquire materials for our products globally and exclusively utilise high-quality components from known manufacturers. Thanks our reliable supply network, we are able to offer our customers quality and security at affordable prices. In addition to domestic suppliers, we mainly use suppliers from Asia and from within the EU.

Assured delivery

Our delivery schedules are practically 100% reliable. We use a flexible time management system in our production, which also allows us to respond to orders on a tight schedule. The reliability of our supply is further supported by our reliable supplier network.

Accurate production management and quality control

Our production is managed and overseen in real time with our ERP system. Production quality is assured with great care and all products are tested according to customer specifications and needs.

Quality is ensured with integrated monitoring units and PC-based testing. Electronic functionality of our electric switchgear is tested and electric circuits are voltage tested.

A safe partner

We are an economically stable business growing profitably. Thus, we see the future as an opportunity to grow. This makes us an excellent choice for long-lasting partnerships.

Our Principles

Open and reliable cooperation

Our goal is to be our customers’ primary and long-term partner. By considering our customers’ needs we are able to provide added value with our targeted services. Our goal is an open and reliable cooperation with our customers on a win-win basis.

An Optimal Working Environment

Our principle is to take good care of both our clients and our staff. Our constructive and interactive approach to our working environment is also reflected in the atmosphere of the workplace.

Environmentally conscious production

In our production, attention is focused on avoiding waste and on material recycling. For example, any short wire pieces left over in fitting our electric switchgear are recovered and the copper in them is recycled back into useful products through a partner company. All of our packaging material is also recycled for reuse.


Our operating system complies with the standard SFS-EN ISO 9001:2015 guidelines and was last certified in January 2017. Our operating system allows us to measure the progress of our qualitative goals, and with this feedback we are able to improve our operations and products.

We support fair competition and ease-of-access to information for our customers. As part of Tilaajavastuu Oy’s Reliable Partner program, we are committed to honesty.

Our production is audited annually by SGS. The audit for 2017 was conducted on 23.9.2016, during which we were awarded the FIP 20160090 certificate.

Our central switchgear systems meet the safety requirements of Finland and the EU, and were last certified by SGS on 30.3.2017 (E-series and F-series) for the 2017 – 2022 period (FI and CE safety markings).

We have signed an agreement with the Finnish package recycling company, RINKI Oy, and with their support our packaging material can be recycled.