Wiring harnesses

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Our production covers the wiring harnesses and various accompanying mechanical assemblies and system deliveries. Arr-Systems has extensive expertise in wiring harnesses for vehicles, construction machinery and railroad transport equipment.

We utilise state-of-the-art automation machines for small and medium-sized wiring harness needs.

Our customers can order the design and manufacture of wiring harnesses and systems to be made, in their entirety from start to finish, or only for certain parts, or alternatively, merely for manufacture based on their own documents.

The quality of our manufacturing is assured accurately and carefully, and all products are tested according to customer requirements. We check, for example, that the wiring is installed correctly and perform surge testing.

Quality is ensured by integrated control units and PC-based final testing.


  • Pile-driving rigs
  • Trams and trains
  • Agricultural and Forestry machinery
  • Cranes and Diggers
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Military Communication Applications
  • Broadcast masts and base transceiver stations

WIRING HARNESSES for vehicles, machinery and railroad equipment

Arr-Systems has extensive expertise in wiring harnesses for transport equipment and construction machinery. We manufacture wiring harnesses for the most demanding environments, where durability and protection are critical.

For example, the wiring harnesses for pile-driving rigs must be well protected and waterproof. The use of the machine exposes the wiring to G-forces, which requires a very high degree of reliability from the joints. Junttan relies on the services of Arr-Systems Oy in its pile driving rigs.

Likewise, the wiring used for rail equipment needs to be long and multi-branched. In the case of these multi-branched series, protection is also extremely important. Finnish rail equipment manufacturer Transtech relies on the services of Arr-Systems Oy in its tram and train carriages.

Wiring harnesses for military use

Arr-Systems designs and manufactures the most suitable wiring harnesses for the military and complies with the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard requirements. The military wiring harnesses manufactured by Arr-Systems are utilized for example in defence communications equipment.