Manufacturing Services

Design, manufacturing, sourcing and logistics – everything under one roof.

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We always manufacture our products and systems to the specification of our customers’ needs: from-start-to-finish design and production, partial design and production, or just fabrication based on the customer’s documentation and designs. We can always supply services from the prototype stage to full-scale serial production.

  • Prototypes
  • Trial Production Series
  • Production Series
  • Contract Manufacturing

Production monitoring and quality control

Our production is controlled and overseen in real-time through an ERP system. The quality of our manufacturing is assured accurately and carefully, and all products are tested according to customer requirements. Quality is ensured by integrated control units and PC-based final testing. The mechanical and electrical operation of the electric switchgear are subject to trial testing, and our electrical circuits are subjected to voltage testing.

We utilise state-of-the-art automation machines for small and medium-sized wiring harnesses.

Machines and equipment

  • KOMAX ZETA 633 Automatic
  • KOMAX GAMMA 333PC Automatic
  • KOMAX KAPPA 330 Automatic
  • KOMAX KAPPA 255 Automatic with 2 soldering baths
  • ULMER ZG 200 B2 Power pre-feeder
  • KOMAX Bt 722 with crimp-control and wire stripping
  • KOMAX Bt 711 with crimp-control
  • UNIC-G V1AG0110 stripping and crimping machine for insulated wire end sleeves

Other Production Machines

  • COSMIC 32 M wire stripper
  • COSMIC 48 R RF Cables, coaxial wire stripper
  • WDT CTR-16 Pneumatic crimping machine
  • WDT UP/55 Pneumatic crimping machine
  • FTM-50 Tensile strength tester
  • KT110 PC Testing device
  • IMAJE 9020 Casing markings printer
  • ERSA T06 adjustable tin soldering bath

Material sourcing and subcontracting

We acquire materials for our products globally and exclusively utilise high-quality components from known manufacturers. Thanks our reliable supply network, we are able to offer our customers quality and security at affordable prices.

In addition to domestic suppliers, we mainly use suppliers from Asia and from within the EU.

In our Subcontracting Services we utilize our Asian, Estonian and domestic partners.