Automation and Electric switchgear

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We design and manufacture automation switchgear and electric switchgear for the most demanding industrial and electrical distribution needs. In addition, we provide additional services that promote longer life cycles for the switchgears.

We offer reliable and cost-effective solutions and strive to always promote energy efficiency, cost-efficiency and extended product life-cycle for our end-customers.

In manufacturing, we use only high-quality components from known manufacturers such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Phoenix Contact, Rittal, Finelcomp, Vacon, Ensto, Omron, etc.

Our customers are mainly equiment- and machinery manufacturers in energy, metal, mining and forestry industries, as well as electrical automation and engineering companies.

  • Main switchgear centres
  • Process centres
  • Subcentres
  • Distribution switchgear cabinets
  • Workplace centres
  • Pumping centres
  • Automation centres
  • Control panels
  • Lighting centres
  • Socket centres
  • UPS centres
  • Measuring centres
  • Branching enclosures
  • Circuit breaker enclosures
  • Field enclosures
  • Terminal enclosures
  • Relay cabinets
  • Security cabinets
  • Frequency Inverter cabinets
  • Street distribution cabinets

Electrical distribution switchgear centres

We always design and manufacture switchgear centres according to our customer needs.

Our centres and components are CE-approved. The declaration of conformity and the technical construction file are available if necessary.

Our centres meet the requirements set out in standards and directives:

-Low-voltage directive 2006/95/EY
-Machinery directive 2006/42/EY – EMC directive 2004/108/EY
-Electrical installations for machinery SFS-EN 60204-1
-Enclosures classes for electrical devices SFS-EN 60529
– Electric distribution switchgear; General requirements and instruments for professional use SFS-EN 61439-1,-2
– Test guide for low-voltage switchgear electric arc short-circuit testing IEC/TR 61641

Quality assurance

A trial run of the switchgear is called switchgear testing. Before handing the product over to the customer, we conduct switchgear testing on every switchgear centre. The results of the switchgear testing are drawn up into a document, containing eight main points and comprising at most just over 60 inspection points. We will thus ensure the switchgear’s mechanical and electrical functionality. In addition to this, electrical circuits are subjected to a voltage test. We utilise the feedback from switchgear testing in our design, manufacturing and selection of components in order to provide our customers with the best solutions.

Our customers are mainly energy, metal, mining and forestry industries, as well as electrical automation and engineering companies.