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Solutions for industry and electricity distribution needs – demanding environments included

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Arr-Systems supplies wiring harnesses, automation switchgear and electric switchgear for mobile machinery, industry and electricity distribution needs.

We design and manufacture wires, cables, wiring sets and electrical assemblies, electric switchgear and automation switchgear, as well as the related measuring devices and control systems for these. In addition, we offer sourcing and logistics services as well as custom designing services for these solutions.

Furthermore, our services include the electronics and sheet metal mechanical engineering involved in the electrical design.

Design Services

We provide design services that tailor custom solutions according to our customers’ needs. Take advantage of our comprehensive experience.

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Manufacturing Services

Our production covers solutions from individual configurations to full-scale system deliveries. Solutions for the most demanding industrial and electricity distribution needs.

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Sourcing and logistics services

Our sourcing and logistics service aids in the acquiring and delivering of even the rarest components from around the world.

Wires and Cables

We manufacture a variety of individual wires and cables for industrial applications, including electronics and equipment manufacturing. Ribbon cables, RF cables, standardised wires for electric switchgear and battery cables.

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Wiring harnesses

Our production covers the wiring harnesses and various accompanying mechanical assemblies and system deliveries. We utilise state-of-the-art automation machines for small and medium-sized wiring needs.

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Automation and Electric switchgear

We design and manufacture automation switchgear and electric switchgear for the most demanding industrial and electrical distribution needs. We offer reliable and cost-effective solutions and strive to always promote energy efficiency for our end-customers.

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Measuring devices, control and electrical systems

We implement a variety of measuring devices as well as control and electrical systems according to our customers’ requirements. The equipment and systems we manufacture are durable and easy to install at the final location.

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