Privacy policy

How do we handle your personal data on our website?


In order to serve you as best we can, we need to collect and process some personal data. However, we appreciate your privacy and we are committed to protecting it. This Privacy Statement contains information on what personal data we collect, the principles on which it is processed, and the rights and options you have regarding your personal data.

Arr-Systems Oy will process your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy and applicable law, so please read this privacy policy carefully. We may also make updates to this privacy statement as our activity develops or to implement changes in law, so we ask that you visit our site every now and then.

By using our services, our website or by contacting us, you agree to allow us to process your personal data in accordance with this privacy notice.

For what purpose is my personal data collected and processed?

The intended use is to respond to customer communications and contact requests.

What personal data is collected and from which sources?

We collect your personal data in connection with your contact requests, or later during the use of our services. We also collect personal data on our website through Google Analytics, so that we can analyse and better develop our site and to target relevant marketing to visitors.

Typically, we may receive direct access to the following personal data:

  • Your Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

In addition, we collect information concerning your activity on our site:

  • Which pages on our site you visit
  • How long you spend on each page
  • What type of device you use for browsing
  • How you found our site

How is my personal data processed?

We ensure that we only process your personal data when we have a legal right to do so. We may process personal data in several instances. We process personal data to implement the Agreement and to comply with our legal obligations. We also process personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest, for the provision of our services and the practice and development of our business.

Who handles my personal data and is it handed to third parties?

As a general rule, personal data is processed by our staff members in performing their duties. We may also outsource some of the processing of personal data, such as in information systems used for storing and processing personal data. In these cases, we will ensure via an agreement, that the confidentiality of personal data is preserved and that the data is otherwise lawfully processed.

Is my personal data transferred outside the EU?

Personal data is not in principle shared outside the EU. Any potential data transfers outside the EU would apply only to cases, where the servers of our systems are located outside the EU. If this were to happen, we would ensure that the processing, transmission, and storage of personal data is carried out legally and with adequate safeguards.

How long will my personal data be kept?

We do not store personal data for longer than is necessary for their use or as required by contract or law. The retention period of personal data may vary depending on the purpose and circumstances. In general, we store personal data for applications and contacts for a maximum period of one year. We will also periodically update personal data if necessary.

How is my personal data kept and protect?

Your personal data is stored on our system provider’s servers, which are protected by industry-standard policies. The personal data we collect and process is kept confidential and is not disclosed to anyone, beyond staff who directly require it for their work and clients in a confidential and restricted manner on the basis of our service contracts. Access to your personal data is protected by usernames, passwords, and user regulations. 

Is providing personal data compulsory and what are the consequences of failure to provide data?

If you do not provide or allow the processing of your personal data, we will not be able to respond to your queries and contacts using the forms on our site. By using the forms, you consent to our use and storing of your personal data for when we respond to you.

Do you use cookies on your website and what are they?

We use cookies on our websites to provide the best possible user experience for visitors. Cookies are short text files that are saved by a web server onto the user’s device. Cookies provide us with information on how users interact with our website.

We may use cookies to develop our services and our website and to analyse the usage of our website. The website user may consent to or deny the use of cookies in their web browser settings. Most web browsers automatically allow cookies. Please note that blocking cookies may limit the functionality of our website.

Cookies used on our site:

Google Analytics

This popular analytics service from Google collects visitor information that is used to improve the functionality of our website.

We mainly use this data to analyse visitor numbers. Other data analysed by us include: what device or browser the site has been accessed with, how the site has been found, and how long visitors have spent on different pages of the website.

The information collected by these cookies is transferred to and stored on Google’s servers, some of which may be located outside the EU. For more information about Google’s privacy practices and Google Analytics, please see:

What are my rights and options concerning my personal data?

Withdrawal of Consent

If we process your personal data on the basis of your consent, you may at any time revoke your consent by notifying us, e.g. via email to .

Access to Personal Data

You have the right to receive from us confirmation of whether we are processing your personal data and which personal data we have processed. Further, you have the right to receive additional information about the reasons for processing your personal data.

Right to corrections

You have the right to request that we correct any inaccurate, outdated, or otherwise incomplete personal data.

Right to deny direct marketing

You can opt out of us processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes by sending an email to

Right to oppose processing of data

If we process your personal data on the grounds of public interest or our legitimate interests, you have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data, in so far as there is no significant reason for the processing, which would nullify your rights, or the processing is not necessary to deal with a legal claim. Please note, that in this situation we are unlikely to be able to serve you anymore.

Right to limit processing

In certain circumstances, you have the right to demand that we limit the processing of your personal data.

Right to have data transferred

If we have processed your personal data on the basis of your consent, or in order to fulfil the agreement, you are entitled to receive your personal data from us in a universal electronic format, so that the data can be transferred to another service provider.

How can I act on my rights?

You can implement the above rights by contacting us, e.g. via email to

At the same time, we ask that you to mention your name, address and phone number, as well as to attach a copy of your passport, driver’s license or other identity card to your message, so that we can verify your identity. If you believe that your personal data processing is not lawful, you can also complain to the relevant supervisory authority.

Can this privacy statement be updated?

We may make updates to this privacy statement if our activities or our privacy policy needs change. Updates may also be needed to comply with legislation changes. The changes will take effect once the updated privacy policy is published. Therefore we ask you to review the contents of this privacy statement at regular intervals.

How do I contact you concerning privacy issues?

Contact information:

Arr-Systems Oy

Rakenjantie 3, 90940 Jääli

Tel: + 358 400 356400